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Surrey colleges not making the grade

March 17, 2012

At least not the ones owned by Eminata Group, according to a recent article in The Province.

Students allege that they were deliberately told misleading information to entice them to enroll.

Two of the three colleges concerned — Vancouver Career College and CDI College — both have campuses in Surrey.

On RateMyCollege, CDI’s Surrey Campus has the highest number of negative reviews out of any location in B.C., with over 20 compared to the 4 garnered by the Burnaby campus.

Does that mean anything?  Maybe not.  Not all campuses are represented, and the reviews there make up a very small fraction of all of the students who have graduated from that college.

But on the other hand, the anonymous CDI instructor — the one who admitted that enrolment information was misleading and the teachers were unqualified — was, and still is, in Surrey.

Some more food for thought: a former student successfully sued CDI — basically on the grounds that it was “a waste of time” — and was awarded $5,000 in damages.

Still, there are stories of some who have found success with the college.

CDI says that the recent negative press is just a “smear campaign” from disgruntled former students and staff.

Whatever the case — caveat emptor.


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