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Surrey “the kindest city in the world”?

March 17, 2012


A human peace sign staged at Stewart Park in Ithaca New York

Photo by Eric Stewart/ Ithaca Journal

Two Delta women are planning on staging a human peace sign event in a bid to make Surrey “The kindest city in the world.”

They plan to do this by breaking the current Guinness World Record, set in 2008 at Ithaca Festival in New York with 5,814 participants.

The women believe that garnering this distinction for Surrey will lead to a drop in crime and an upshoot in politeness and general goodwill.

Colour me cynical, but I doubt a world record will affect change here.

For one thing, what comes to mind when you think of anything in connection with New York? Certainly not the title of  “home of the kindest city in the world.”

The stats say it all. Crime rates in Ithaca increased in nearly all categories even after the city broke the record.

Not to say that it’s a hopeless cause.  By all means, promote those worthy ideas of love and peace, it’s sure to make a difference on some level — but not on a communal one.

Just makes sure to thump Kennesaw State, which is also planning to break the world record at the end of the month.


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