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Bike lanes on 188th street

March 5, 2012

The city’s study of bike lanes on 188th St is complete. A key piece from the web write-up:

While cycling volumes may not be high at this time, by providing the necessary infrastructure, we plan to put the conditions in place that will support more cycling in the coming years.

A UBC study found that the more safety infrastructure in place (pdf), the more likely people are to use bike lanes.

In the end, it’s weather that’s the primary determinant for cycling. If it’s dry and warm, people ride.

Anecdotally, it also seems clear that having infrastructure in place, year over year, promotes growth in bicycle use.


As for the concerns people have with bikes slowing drivers down? This blogger in Boston says, logically, think about what really slows down drivers: other drivers (caution, he uses some strong language). Providing alternatives to cars is a stated objective of the city’s transportation plan.

And yes, there’s the excellent Tom Tom ad that came out a year or so ago that’s also been making the rounds recently on facebook:
You are not stuck in traffic. You are traffic.

– Johnston

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