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Should dogs be chained?

February 29, 2012

Chains on Dog
Photo credit:  celebdu

Janet Olson, founder of A Better Life Dog Rescue, certainly doesn’t thinks so.

Olson has just been approved to speak before council about her proposed legislation to ban the “chaining, tethering, and cruel confining of dogs.”

Some internet critics paint her as an overzealous animal activist, calling her “a danger to dogs and dog owners” and citing her run-ins with the law as reason to ignore her cause.

Although Olson will be bringing the animal cruelty aspect before council, that isn’t her only argument. She says that anti-chaining legislations have benefits to the community as a whole.

This isn’t a new concept.  Lion’s Bay, a community in Vancouver, has already implemented an anti-chaining legislation, as have some states in the U.S.

Olson said that these laws have led to a decrease in dog bites and a reduction in animal control workload overall.

If there is something that might improve our community as a whole, shouldn’t we hear out the idea, no matter who proposes it?

Read it here:  The end of chained dogs in Surrey?


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