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The problem with Discovery

February 21, 2012

Photo credit: Discovery Elementary School

The Surrey School Board wants to rehome the Discovery program, a 40-year old alternative curriculum program based on the Adlerian philosophy of learning.

Discovery Elementary School can house 200 students, but currently houses 57, with numbers dwindling each year.

Parents say that this move will mean the end of the already floundering program.

That may be, but with the issue of classroom shortages, there is no reason not to utilize any school to its full capacity.

Last year, Mayor Watts said that Surrey schools were already at full capacity. There are already over 200 portables in use in the city.

There is no guarantee that a move will decimate the program, but without a doubt, 143 more students could and should be making use of this building.

Full story here: For alternative curriculum, move tantamount to closure


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